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Will a front towbar affect the operation of my vehicles airbags?

Watling Australia Customer FeedbackHey Ben!
Thought I would let you know that I got the parts back from getting them chromed and fitted it to the car on the weekend (Mitsubishi Shogun/Pajero 2005). It took me all of 30 minutes including the modification to the front sump guard (don’t you just love Dremel’s???).
The boat had been parked at the front of the house at the stairs since March and not up the side where I like to keep it as the grass was soft after a lot of rain we had at the time and as it would normally take at least 4 attempts to get it in there, I didn’t bother.
After fitting the hitch, I hooked the boat up and without ever having pushed a boat at the front of the car before parked it into the spot first go without any drama. What really amazed me was even if I needed to correct, I didn’t need to back up and do it again, I simply stopped, turned the wheels to correct it and then kept going.  I just can’t believe how easy and precise it is to manoeuvre the boat that way.
You can see from the attached picture (with the boat parked where I prefer to keep it and not in front of the stair and adjacent to the cars on the drive) the long narrow drive that I have to tackle to back the boat up before even trying to manoeuvre it across the grass to the side of the house.

I am so pleased with the product I have been telling everyone! A huge thanks to you, not only do you have a fantastic product, but it got to Australia from the UK in less than 5 working days, quicker than what it takes me to back the boat up the drive after a day out on the water, AMAZING!

Kind regards,
Rick Skinner - Customer from Australia.

Hi Ben,
Thanks for the front towbar - finally managed to dodge the rain & fit the towbar.
The hardest bit was to undo the existing bolts on the engine mount, needed a good soak with WD40
I would recommend this to anyone with a caravan.

Ted Millington – UK Customer

I am writing this email to thank you all for your fast service ie: sending my order the same day I ordered it the 6th of March. I received it as you said after 5/6 days on the 12th March. It has been fitted and all within a week. The Lady I gave my order to was Jackie she was very pleasant and helpful. As for the courier you use I must say the same.  I couldn't find my parcel on the tracking system so I gave them a call and the Lady I spoke to (I didn't get her name sorry) was just as friendly and helpful so once again I would like to say Thank You for an excellent service.

Carole Wichard – Customer from Spain

I have just installed and used the front bar you supplied for my Triton dual cab.
These bars are not available in Australia and I was a little hesitant in making the decision to use a front bar for the job of moving my boat down the side of the house.
It was as straight forward as you introductory video shows and I am very pleased with the results. The bar fitted without any problems and the instructions were easy to follow.
Thanks for the professional way you supplied and manufactured your product.

R. J. Blake – Customer from Australia

Dear Watling Engineers,
May I take this opportunity to say how impressive your Company is: helpful, encouraging and "flippin' fast"!!!
Your front towbar has arrived safe and sound here in Devon all ready to be "installed" on the Pajero over the weekend.
Thank you so much for being helpful and for attending to the order so promptly; much appreciated.

With best wishes to you,

Pamela Freeman – UK Customer

Watling Towbars Australian Customer FeedbackHi Ben,
Just a short note to inform you that the towbar arrived last Thursday. I have fitted the front towbar and all is OK.
I have attached some photos for you. If the mount would have been left as is on the right side it would have just passed the nudge bar. Difficult when you cannot see it first. Still I am happy how it is and I got the boat up my driveway and in the correct location.
Thanking you again, and maybe you will get some more orders from Australia, as I was asked where I got it from when other people saw me park my boat.

Best wishes
Norman Heymann – Customer from Australia

Hi Watling,
Further to my telephone conversation this morning to Jackie. The front tow unit for my Volvo XC90 that you arranged to be fitted in North Walsham, Norfolk is fantastic. The lads did a great job and to have the same facility that you fitted to my previous Ford Ranger truck is great......really pleased again!

Ray Nash – UK Customer

I've just purchased a front push bracket from you for my Landcruiser Amazon. It arrived yesterday, and I fitted it later in the day. This is just to say thank you for a well designed, solidly engineered, piece of kit. Once I had removed the original fixing bolts from the Amazon (the hardest part!), the bar fitted quickly and accurately into place. It also looks good, what little of it can be seen.
I'm sure that it will make manoeuvring my 26ft twin axle caravan much easier.

Best wishes,
Mr. Simon Dubber – UK Customer