Over 60 Years Experience with Towing Brackets and Trailers

Australia Website FAQ's

Q – How can I order and pay?

A – Please use our Contact Us page for your enquiry and order.  Payment can be made by a direct bank transfer to our account, or by calling us with your credit or debit card details. +44 1727 873661.

Q – Australia is a long way from the UK – How much will shipping be?

A – All the prices for our front and rear towbars listed here include shipping to your home or work address in Mainland Australia.  This price includes a 50mm towball.  The price for shipping additional accessories such as winch mounts will be calculated at the time of order, but rest assured, we will do everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible.  For offshore destinations and other countries including New Zealand, please contact us for a quote.

Q – Are your front towbars universal?

A – No, each towbar is designed specifically for the vehicle intended.

Q – Will I need a special or different towball?

A – No, all our front and rear towbars will be supplied with a compatible 50mm towball, suitable for Australian 50mm couplings.

Q – Where is the towball positioned on your front towbars?

A – Our standard duty front towbars have a towball positioned to the left hand side of the vehicle.  An additional central receiver is often possible for a small extra charge (please mention this when ordering if required).
Our heavy duty front towbars all come with a centrally positioned towball as standard
The towball height is designed to be at the standard European towball height of between 380-420mm from the ground to the centre of the ball.

Q – Can I fit it myself?

A – All our towbars and accessories come with full instructions and all the required fasteners.  No welding is needed to fit any of our products once you receive them.  Some designs may require cuts to the sump guard, drip tray or bumper, but these are detailed in the instructions

Q – Will I have to pay Import Duty?

A – No, goods imported into Australia with a value of less than AU$1000 attract no import duty.  For clarification, please follow the link below:

Q – Will a front towbar affect my airbags?

A – No, for some reason we only get questions about airbags from Australia! However, airbags are deployed by either crash sensors in the crash zones at the front of the vehicle and / or accelerometers built into the airbag unit.  It is generally accepted that to deploy an airbag, it has to be subjected to a collision of approximately 23kph (12-14mph) with a stationary and solid object, so unless you intend to couple up your trailer by running into it, you will probably be ok.  Also, the presence of our front towbars in no way prevents the correct operation of airbags.
On a supplementary note, we have been supplying these for more than 30 years now to everything from a BMW 5 series to 71/2 tonne trucks and as yet have had no reports of airbags being detonated incorrectly, or indeed, not working when needed.

Q – Will a front towbar affect pedestrian safety?

A – No, all of our front towbars are detachable so that the ball mount can be easily removed when not in use.  The remaining framework is located within the envelope of the vehicle and so does not affect pedestrian safety.

Q – Will a front towbar alter my insurance?

A – In 30 years of selling front towbars, we have never been made aware of an insurance company refusing insurance as a result of one of our products.